Chapter 237

Anoka County Airport, Blaine, MN

Meeting Room Reservation Procedure

 The officers and board of Chapter 237 have made a change in the procedure to be used for scheduling the chapter meeting room by other organizations and groups.  This announcement serves as official public notice of this change of policy.  This notice has also been posted in the chapter building.  This policy is for scheduling the large (main) meeting room.  The shop space in the rear of the building is not available for use by outside groups.

Instead of 'penciling in' your meetings for the new year on the calendar posted on the wall of the chapter building, we will be maintaining an official meeting room reservation calendar on a website and making this available for viewing on-line.  The URL for viewing the calendar is:  To reserve the meeting space you must use the following procedure: 
Send an email to  and include the following information:

  - Name of your organization/group 
  - Requested date(s) of meeting(s) to be held in 2018 
  - Starting and ending time of the meeting(s) 
  - 1-2 sentence summary of your typical meeting agenda 
  - Name and phone # (or email address) of official contact person
  - Website URL for more information (optional). 

Upon review and approval, your meeting(s) will be added to the meeting rooom reservation calendar.  You will be sent a notification and approval email with a link to the calendar website.  You can then review the posting and advise if any changes need to be made.
Please note that it was necessary to make this policy change so that we could keep track of when organizations/groups were using the meeting room and for what purpose.  While we very much encourage use of our facilityfor aviation-related groups and organizations, it was necessary for the chapter to manage this use in a better way to help avoid future conflicts caused by meetings not being formally scheduled.
Please note that all use of the meeting room for any purpose and at any time is subject to approval by EAA Chapter 237 officers and board members representing the chapter membership at large.  The board reserves the right to modify the schedule at any time for any reason as well as the right to modify this policy at any time for any reason. This building is privately owned by EAA Chapter 237, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 
If you have any questions about this new meeting room reservation procedure please send an email to  and/or
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